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What the Metro Phoenix Area Has to Offer New Home Buyers

Young Family in Front of Home for Sale

Family Friendly Phoenix

Family life in Phoenix, Arizona includes a wide variety of activities, and with the local economy and housing booming, millennials, Gen-Xers, and Gen- Ys, as well as Baby Boomers and other retirees can play and live comfortably on around $28,000 yearly. In such an affordable area to buy your next home, you can pick your pleasure when you have a bevy of options, such as parks and recreation, enjoying nature and wildlife. Hit the museums, take a balloon ride, or shop until you drop at gifts shops, fairs, and shopping malls galore.

Balloon Tours, Air and Helicopter Rides

In Phoenix, you can enjoy spectacular views by taking a tour with Hot Air Expeditions, offering you your choice of the season’s sunset or a champagne breakfast. Then, head on over to the Detours of Arizona, where you and your family can take in the Grand Canyon South Rim by adding a Tour by Airplane to your family’s itinerary.

Sonoran Desert Sunset with Sahuaro Cactus

Nature Parks and Recreation in Phoenix

Plan your visit to the Desert Botanical Garden, and explore the largest Botanical Garden in the southwest nestled deep within the Phoenix community. Learn about botanicals and gardening with classes and workshops designed to fit you and your family’s interests. Children can discover Sonoran Desert wonders. There are Children’s programs that give the opportunity to discover the wonders of the Sonoran Desert in a safe and wondrous environment with an integrated focus on art and music, relevant literature, and even science and social studies.

Enjoy the Wildlife

Look no further than the Echo Canyon Trail and Recreation Area for your next wilderness adventure that all family members can appreciate. Go hiking up Camelback Mountain, which attracts visitors from around the world. Consisting of two main trails, Echo Canyon Trail and Cholla Trail, hikes will cure the couch potatoes in your family, as they are both very rugged terrain and elements are harsh, conditions associated with the Sonoran Desert.

Camelback Mountain gets its name from the unique silhouette over the Valley skyline. At the head of the mountain, where Echo Canyon Trailhead is located, the terrain is made up of somewhat soft-layered sandstone, while Echo Canyon’s humps are primarily composed of harder and older granite. This is where the rates of erosion have created dramatic camel-like slopes.

Phoenix Landmarks and Points of interest

Heritage Square Phoenix takes you back to Victorian Phoenix on the original town site’s 14th block. You and your family can explore the restored Rosson House Museum, a Queen Anne Victorian museum house from 1895. Take a tour that will lead you through the Museum while hearing stories of the people who lived there and Arizona’s territorial past, and learning Victorian-American trivia. ¬†Whether history or technology, good food, or just a quiet place of reflection, your family’s visit to Heritage Square will leave you with a cultural enrichment that is sure to stay with you.

Feed your imagination at the Mystery Castle. With eighteen rooms, thirteen fireplaces, parapets, and many charming nooks and crannies explore a genuine stone castle, furnished with southwestern antiques. The story behind the castle is a touching one, built in 1945 for Mary Lou Gully, Boyce Gully’s daughter, whom he called his “princess”. Her father died before Mary Lou had a chance to see her castle, where she lived as an adult, sharing her home with the public, until her death in 2010.

Make even more family memories at the Arizona State Fair. Take a family Sky Ride, take in a Coliseum Concert, or indulge classic state fair funnel cakes. Win enormous stuffed animals and other prizes, including a giant Panda.


From balloon rides to tours of the internationally-renowned museum, to outdoor recreational activities, including ATVing, the greater Phoenix area offers something for each member of the family. Young and old alike will find the weather pleasant for year-round entertainment and spectacular views from nearly every corner of Phoenix.

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